What We’re Thankful For: Our Incredible Partners

What We’re Thankful For: Our Incredible Partners

With Thanksgiving upon us, we’re taking a moment to step away from menu planning and table preparation (here are tips if you’re still fretting!) to reflect on what we’re thankful for. At the top of our list: Our incredible, loyal, and hardworking artisans. 

With the aftereffects of the pandemic still disrupting life as we know it, we understood how difficult it would be for the artisans and small producers in Mexico, Thailand, and Morocco to continue to craft goods and maintain a supply of beautiful, handmade products. We are so grateful for our partners, who have not only worked in their homes and workshops, but who have also assisted others in their communities by offering them a chance to work and earn money for their families. Without the support and commitment of these wonderful people, we would not have been able to continue to offer our customers the wide variety of quality items that make up our collections. We learn so much from our suppliers who generously share their talent and their dreams with us. 

To our suppliers in Mexico ...

We are thankful for Rodolfo, our ceramics producer in Tonala, Mexico. Despite rain interrupting the drying of our clay hot chocolate jugs, he managed to build out a new space to glaze. He then packed up the jugs and readied them to ship more than 1,600 miles to our warehouse in Denver so that they would be ready to warm the hearts and mugs of our wonderful customers.
mexican ceramics artisan

We are thankful for Ana, who produces the delicious chocolate from Oaxaca, Mexico. She had the diligence to carry on with a smaller machine when the larger one broke down and works tirelessly to ensure we are always in stock. 

villa real chocolate mexican chocolate makers

We are thankful for Maximo, one of our most valued partners. He has grown his business, increased the number of skilled workers, and expanded his workshops. Thanks to him, we all enjoy the memory-making of Taco Tuesday with his vibrant Tortilla Press Kit and eye-catching XL Tortilla Press. He is a perfect example of how our partners have embraced the Verve Culture mission to elevate authentic, artisan products to a higher level and help our partners achieve a stable and sustainable ownership of their craft.

Mexican Tortilla Press

To our teams in Thailand ...

We are thankful for Tee, our blacksmith in Thailand. He has invested in machinery so that he's able to produce all the boxes for our Thai Moon Chef’s Knives, Chef’s Knife #1, and Chef’s Knife #2. We are thankful that he's worked so hard to find a solution to not only source the wood locally, but also to learn new skills to add value to his business.

We are thankful for Mr. Somkiat and his team. He provides authentic Thai flavors like tamarind, kaffir lime leaf, and lemongrass to honor the Thai cooking traditions and recipes that we share with our customers. Delicious meals in our Thai for Two home kits feature delicious combinations of these hard-to-find, but absolutely necessary herbs and spices. He and his team also provide us with easy-to-follow instructions for adding our own protein and vegetables so that we can enjoy hot Organic Tom Kha Soup or spicy Organic Panang Curry on a chilly, winter night.

To our partners in Morocco ...

We are thankful for our team in Morocco. They worked through the incredible heat over the summer to keep up with the production of our Beldi and Cone Glassware Sets. We are using these Cone Champagne Glasses this Thanksgiving to toast and give thanks to these remarkable hardworking folks.  

moroccan ceramics artisan

We thank you all!

verve culture thankful for artisans

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