Thai Knife Blacksmiths

Thai Knife Blacksmiths

From Swords to Knives and Silverware

Forged from the Fire of War 
Early in the 1800’s, blacksmiths from Laos settled in the Thai province of Ayutthaya due to the access to markets and plentiful wood. When the Burmese invaded Ayutthaya, the Aranyik village started making swords for the Thai resistance forces. Famed for their superior craftsmanship, the swords have been pared down to top-quality knives, silverware and tools.

Each Knife Carries Rich History
For over 200 years, these artisans have handcrafted each knife with stainless steel and pradu wood. Families form co-operatives and have skilled workers for each part of the process including forging, grinding, stamping, woodwork, and finishing. Each knife is unique and carries a rich history.

Meet our Knife Makers
Tee has been working with his mother, Yo,  since he was a teenager and now manages the teams that make the knives we buy. Shop our Thai Knives- it’s perfect for hard-skinned fruits and meats.

Thai Moon Knife Thai Moon Knife Set Thai Moon Knife Thai Moon Knife 2 Thai Moon Knife 1

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