Organic Thai Farmers

Organic Thai Farmers

Sustainable Farming

The Spice of Life 
Fresh herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables can elevate simple dishes, turning everyday meals into special dishes. Take the pure and elegant flavor of a kaffir lime leaf, or galangal and combine with other ingredients to build up the flavor profiles that are honest and truly Thai - without any distortions - and your taste buds will not only sing, but cry out for more.

From Farm to Table

Thai Farmers

Somkiat and his wife, Pornpan, met at university studying Food Engineering and vowed to bring the true taste of all the flavors of Thailand from their organic farm, and only use pure ingredients without fillers. Their sons now work with them as well as a team of dedicated farmers and processors who work in the farm packaging facilities.

Sustainable for Generations

We are proud to partner with Somkiat and Pornpan’s USDA-certified organic farm to source essential ingredients that come from healthy, organic plants. They practice sustainability by using 100% renewable resources, conserving the fertility of the soil and water to enhance environmental quality for future generations, and air drying their produce within hours of harvest to retain full, unadulterated flavors.

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