Mexican Chocolatiers

Mexican Chocolatiers

Mexican Hot Chocolate de la Villa Real

Meet Authentic Oaxacan Chocolate

Family-owned business Villa Real treats cocoa the traditional way, as a sacred ingredient inherited from their ancestors. They turn it into a mixture of flavors and ingredients that will make your palate fill with emotions and memories. It’s the taste of nostalgia.

Food of the Gods

Legend has it, Cocoa was a gift that the god Quetzalcoatl gave to men. It was consumed by the rulers and elite warriors of ancient Mesoamerica, and used as food, drink, medicine - and the official currency.  The cacao tree's scientific name is Theobroma cacao, with the Latin meaning "food of the gods."

A Crowd-Pleaser
Chocolate from Villa Real has unique Oaxacan aroma and flavor that’s delicious with water, milk, or as a treat by itself. Shop the Chocolate here.

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