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Mexican Mole Bundle

Mexican Mole Bundle

Mexican Essentials
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Meet Mole, a culinary treasure that brings the authentic flavors of Mexico to your kitchen. This bundle features the essentials you need to create a mouthwatering meal around the rich and complex flavors of mole.

At the base is a beautiful clay mole dish, handcrafted by skilled artisans in Guadalajara. This dish not only adds a touch of Mexican charm to your table, but also enhances the cooking process, allowing the flavors to meld together and infuse the dish with a unique, earthy essence.

Now for the star of the meal, the mole! The premium mole sauces from Los Pacos are created using traditional recipes, passed down through generations. The Black Mole boasts a rich, velvety texture with notes of dark chocolate, toasted chiles, and warm spices. The Red Mole combines vibrant flavors like roasted tomatoes, ancho chilies, and fragrant herbs.

To complement the mole, we've included our Mexican Long Grain Rice. This premium rice variety perfectly balances the flavors of mole, offering a delicate and fluffy texture that absorbs the flavor of the sauce.

The origins of mole can be traced back to the indigenous civilizations of Mexico, particularly the Aztecs and the Mayans. These ancient cultures revered the cocoa bean as a sacred ingredient, using it in various dishes and beverages. Over time, the cocoa bean became a foundational element in the creation of mole, infusing it with its distinctive depth and complexity.
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