Zoom Flavors of Morocco Bundle
Zoom Flavors of Morocco Bundle
Zoom Flavors of Morocco Bundle
Zoom Flavors of Morocco Bundle

Flavors of Morocco Bundle


For the Adventurous Cook

Inspire the gourmand in your life to spice things up by exploring new flavors from Morocco, a country well known as a hub for spice traders and the tenderness of a slow-cooked tagine. Gift this kit to anyone seeking to add some Moroccan flair to their meal repertoire. Getting creative in the kitchen has never been more colorful or aromatic.

Made in Morocco.

  • Each item is artisan-made.
  • Unique gift that helps to create a cherished memory.
  • Explore the Tastes of Northern Africa with spices, cooking vessel and serving dish that is as authentic as it is beautiful.



Tagine is a multi-purpose word in Moroccan culture used to describe the earthen, cone-shaped, tabletop cooking vessel used to steam dishes and impart flavor, as well as a category of recipe prepared within the very vessel. Tagines serve as both the cooking vessel and the serving dish for double duty use.

The aromatic flavors of the region can not be accomplished with our the secret ingredient, Ras el Hanout, which means "head of shop," and in Morocco it signifies that this spice blend is the best that the shop owner has to offer. Versatile and deep golden in color, Ras el Hanout is an essential ingredient in Moroccan dishes.  

Our Moroccan Bread Baskets are typical designs originating in the Sahara Desert and created by Berbers. They are made with hand-woven palm leaves and decorated with wool using sustainable dyes


A staple for many Moroccan dishes, our Ras El Hanout set will transport you to those iconic Moroccan scenes as the markets of Marrakech and the date-filled oasis of Zagora capture the diverse flavors of this sun-splashed country.