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Authentic, Organic Thai for Two Cooking Kits Are Easy and Fun to Make

Not all cooking kits are created equal—and that’s especially the case when it comes to ethnic fare. Some meal kits take hours to cook and come with only a few of the required ingredients. Others are a barely recognizable version of the Pad Thai or Green Curry that you love (and pay much more for) at your local Thai restaurant. And too often—as a result of those unexpected steps and lackluster flavor—kits are mundane to prepare and even less exciting to eat. 

The Thai for Two Cooking Kits from Verve Culture are different. Easy to whip up on a weeknight, these meal kits feature authentic ingredients like tamarind, kaffir lime leaf, and lemongrass straight from Thailand and are truly fun to create, even for the culinary-impaired. And with five different options to choose from, adding Thai for Two to your weekly meal rotation adds simplicity and spice but not boredom.

Organic Pad Thai

Thai for Two Is Simple

The beauty of a meal kit, in theory anyways, is its time-saving simplicity. These kits deliver. You’ll untie the elegant, cinched bag to find a collection of organic ingredients, items like organic coconut milk, organic dried herbs, and organic ground hot chili for those looking for extra spice. 

Review the instructions to find the few kitchen staples required (everyday items like water, oil, and eggs may be needed) and decide which proteins or veggies you’d like to include. Preparing on a Meatless Monday? Go heavy on the veggies, fry up some tofu, and skip the chicken and shrimp. Or if it was a long day and you’re craving protein, add in some poultry or red meat. Vegan or gluten-free? No problem.

Each kit includes between five and eight steps that can actually be completed in the five to eight minutes as claimed—even for those who are novices in the kitchen. Then don your apron, cheers your cooking partner (perhaps a cocktail served in one of these exotic handblown glasses), turn on the stove, and start cooking. 

Thai for Two Is Authentic

Thai women cooking with fresh Thai ingredients

Our biggest complaint with other meal kits: They just don’t taste good. Flavors fall flat. Creamy dishes end up crunchy. Recipes feel run-of-the-mill. Thai for Two, however, prides itself in offering authentic meals and ingredients—think kaffir lime leaf, galangal, and lemongrass—sourced directly from Thailand. To capture these authentic flavors, Verve Culture partnered with Somkiat and Pornpan, a husband/wife team who met in university studying food engineering and who now grow pure ingredients on their sustainably-run, organic farm. (Read their story.) The result: Heady, fragrant spices, sometimes with a touch of heat, that will transport you to the booth of a friendly street vendor in Bangkok. 

When it comes to recipes, you’ll have the option to choose a familiar Thai dish like Organic Pad Thai or Organic Panang Curry or you can try something that might be new to your taste buds but easy to make like the Organic Tom Kha Soup.

Organic spices in Thai for Two Cooking Kit

Thai for Two Is Fun to Make (Seriously!)

Sometimes cooking is just one more item to tick off of the to-do list. With the Thai for Two Cooking Kits, the ease of preparation means they go from stove to table in less than 10 minutes, making them perfect for weekday meals. The experience of cooking together and the flavors makes them equally ideal for an at-home date night. Either way, the process is uncomplicated, and best of all, there will be piping hot, authentic Thai cuisine waiting for you at the end.

Try all 5 Flavors:

Green Curry
Red Curry
Panang Curry
Pad Thai
Tom Kha Soup

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