Mexican Tin Artisans

Arturo Vizcarra

mexican-tin-artisan-arturro-vizcarraFour generations of skills passed down from father to son have provided Arturo Vizcarra with the talent to transform sheets of tin into traditional Mexican boxes, mirrors, and decorations. Arturo started his art as a young boy. He was the eldest child in a large family and needed to work to help provide. Instead of studying at school, he was hard at work learning how to do the stamping and folding of tin in just the right way. His father was a hard taskmaster, insisting on precision and beauty. Many of his early attempts were thrown in the trash! But through careful inspection and much practice, he learned to be discerning and now teaches his artisans how to do the best work they can.  Arturo loves what he does and loves the tools of his trade. He designs new patterns, and enjoys making both small and large pieces. He sells his pieces both domestically and internationally, and is working on special designs for Verve Culture. He has four children, and it seems one of his sons may becomes the 5th generation to carry on the tin crafting skills the Vizcarro family has practiced for over a century.

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