Ceramics Artisans


Rodolfo Pila

mexican-ceramics-artisan-rodolfoRodolfo Pila is now 39 year old, but has been creating traditional Mexican ceramics since he was a boy. His father taught him about traditional shapes, painting, glazes, and finishes. He attended the cultural school at El Refugio in Tlaquepaque, renowned for its arts and crafts school and exhibitions. His professor told him that while he was very well versed in the traditional method of petatillo with points and lines, he had no idea at all about new techniques with color and ombre. After practicing these new techniques very studiously, Rodolfo now has a wonderful repertoire blending both traditional and new methods.

He has been encouraged by customers like Verve Culture to use his talent in creating wonderful pieces of functional and decorative art. He currently makes our beautiful Hot Chocolate Jug, employing the age-old technique of polishing the clay with stones to give each piece a rich hue after the second firing. He is also working on some new decorative pieces using his special talent of blending petatillo with new techniques.


Examples of Rodolfo's new colorful painting technique compared to the classic petatillo technique.

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