How to Make Traditional Mexican Hot Chocolate

How to Make Traditional Mexican Hot Chocolate

 The Best Hot Chocolate You Will Ever Have

You may there anything better than a Dunkin Donuts hot chocolate or a Starbucks hot chocolate?

The answer is YES and it is Authentic Mexican Hot Chocolate. 

Once your taste buds experience the frothy deliciousness of homemade Mexican Hot Chocolate, you will never look back. 

We lay out step by step instructions to get you on your way to frothing up the tastiest homemade hot chocolate you have ever experienced.

What you will need:

  • Your desired liquid- milk or water

Molinillos (mo-lee-nee-yos): These authentic Mexican kitchen utensils have been used for centuries and centuries dating back to the Aztecs! They are traditionally carved out of a single piece of wood and require a lot of artisanship to make. With moving rings, shapes, and indentations, a sturdy base to rest in a pot and a soft round handle for easily rubbing between the hands.  To top it off- gorgeous custom decorations that are designed by burning the wood. Molinillo's are beautiful pieces of history that display the quality of the craft and are functional as well!

The Chocolate: The best part and the key to a successful batch of Mexican Hot Chocolate. Authentic cocoa that is made in Mexico. (Pro-tip: It is believed that the tastiest Mexican Hot Chocolate comes from Oaxaca, MX).

Mug/Jug: You will want to make sure that you get a clay mug or jug as it is the preferred way to heat up your hot cholate for the unique flavor it lends to the beverage.


1. If using a brand new Jug, you will want to check if it has been cured.  See Cure directions here>>.

2. Place one tablet of hot cocoa per serving in the cup or jug.  This can be adjusted depending on the desired amount of richness for each cup.

3. Put preferred liquid (milk or water) in cup or jug.

4. Over medium heat, begin to whisk the liquid.

How to Whisk: Quickly move the molinillo back and forth between the palms of your hands, and the wooden rings and holes in this traditional molinillo will mix the chocolate up while creating a cloud-like froth.

5. Once the liquid has reached its desired level of froth, take off heat. 

6. Enjoy!

Looking to take this hot cholate with you? Grab a thermos and pack this delicious to-go hot chocolate.  This will be the beat even the best fast food hot chocolate you have ever had.

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