Steamboat Today - Local startup brings cultural chic to kitchen

Steamboat Today

December 18, 2017


STEAMBOAT SPRINGS — After decades of selling mass-produced goods to major retailers — everything from cosmetics to home accessories to stationary — the mother-and-daughter team of Jules Vertrees and Jacquie Lewis have created a new company, Verve Culture, which specializes in unique, artisan gifts you can't find in a cheap Chinese factory.

"We found in our research that consumers were moving away from just buying stuff for the sake of stuff," said Vertrees. "People want things that are interesting, inspiring and special rather than mass produced."

The switch to artisan crafts came after their company, Australia-Steamboat Connection, was acquired by one of the companies they were distributing for. And they say a year-long non-compete clause was the best thing that ever happened to them. READ MORE