Rave & Review- Thai Moon Knife from Verve Culture makes food prep fun

Rave & Review- Thai Moon Knife from Verve Culture makes food prep fun

Rave & Review 

June 2020.

Verve Culture's Thai Chef's Moon Knife was featured in an article by Rave & Review. 

"If it’s handmade, you can pretty much assume that I love it. There is nothing I enjoy more than walking an artisan market somewhere new and exciting, shopping for items that you just can’t find at big box stores. Since traveling just for the sake of shopping is definitely out this year, I’m shopping artisan markets from the comfort of my couch. I found the perfect gem in the Thai Moon Knife from Verve Culture as well as a dozen other items I’d love to own.

What is Verve Culture?

Verve Culture is a whole new way of shopping artisan markets. This women-owned and women-run company approaches everything a little differently and shows you the heart of each of their products they offer. From the comfort of home, you can peruse their offerings to find something for just about everyone on your list.

They currently feature three different cultures on their site {Thailand, Morocco, and Mexico} and a variety of items that range from kitchen gadgets to meal kits to face masks within those umbrellas. Whether you are looking for the perfect conversation piece or a traditional tool for the modern kitchen, you can find it at Verve Culture...."

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Featured Product: Thai Chef's Moon Knife 

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