Akid: Ceramics Maker

Akid: Ceramics Maker

Akid is Verve Culture's Ceramic Maker, here are his products that we offer: Tagine for Two; Contemporary and Traditional, Beldi Cups, Couscous Platter, and Serving Bowls

Ceramics have been an important part of Moroccan culture for centuries. From plates and bowls to intricate vases and lamps, pottery is an art form that has been passed down from generation to generation. Akid is a master potter who comes from a long line of ceramic makers. He has been working with clay since he was just 5 years old, and today, he is one of the most skilled and respected potters in the region.

Akid's family has been making ceramics for generations. His father, uncle, and cousins are all involved in the business, and Akid started working with his uncle when he was young. After learning the trade from his family, Akid started his own business 12 years ago and now works with his two brothers.

Their workshop is located in a village at the base of the Atlas Mountains. Akid's small shop is located beside the river in the village. They supply to many shops in Marrakech and export their ceramics as well.

There are 14 workers in the workshop, each with their own specific task. Some throw the items on the wheel, others decorate the pieces, and others load and unload the kilns. Akid recently purchased a second kiln which has doubled their capacity and made him very happy.

The process of making ceramics is a time-consuming one. First, they do a bisque fire for 9 hours, then cool the pieces before applying glaze. Then they do a glaze fire for 10 hours, followed by 8 hours of cooling. The clay used is red clay from the local area, and they use lead-free glazes from Europe to ensure their pottery is safe for use.

Akid's love for his work is evident in the quality of his ceramics. He supplies a lot of bisque fired pottery to other traders who do their own decorations and glazing. Additionally, an artist from France visits his workshop and does special decorating, which helps Akid to learn and improve his craft.

Ceramics are an important part of Moroccan culture, and Akid is keeping that tradition alive. His commitment to quality and his love for his work have made him one of the most respected potters in the region. He is proud of his family's legacy and continues to create beautiful and unique ceramics that are loved by all who use them.

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