What you need to destress around the holidays

What you need to destress around the holidays

In theory, the end of the year is a time to relax with friends, enjoy holiday parties (and the yummy cocktails that go with them!), and spend time reflecting on another year that went by too quickly while looking ahead to the new year on the horizon. All too often though, the reality of December is far different, filled with last-minute Christmas shopping escapades, frantic races from one holly jolly event to the next, and harried efforts to check off work’s to-do list before the kids are home from school and the office closes down. Just thinking about it has our neck tensing up and our shoulders going rigid. 

We get it. Finding time to destress around the holidays is difficult at best. Heck, even finding time to breathe sometimes feels tricky this time of year. Unfortunately, we can’t help you add extra minutes to your day. What we can do, however, is help you relax when that extra time shows up on your calendar. At Verve Culture, we have the pleasure of working with both authentic Thai artisans who are experts in the centuries-old tradition of herbal healing and skilled seamstresses who have perfected the art of comfortableand stylish!—loungewear. 

So whether you’re stocking up for a time when relaxation is at the top of your to-do list or you’re looking for a few last stocking stuffers for your favorite stressed out busy bee, here’s what you need to put some ahhh back in your life.

Thai Herbal Bath Soak

Detoxify your nerves, soothe your skin, and stimulate circulation with our traditional herbal spa remedy. The Thai Herbal Bath Soak relies on a centuries-old traditional remedy for healing ailments and helping postnatal mothers recover.

Thai herbal bath soak

Thai Massage Ball

Often a massageeven a quick, 5-minute rub-downcan do wonders for the body, mind, and spirit. Our Thai Massage ball provides the stress-relieving benefit of a massage, but unlike most other products in this category, our ball uses traditional Thai herbs like turmeric and lemongrass to more effectively relieve tension and joint pain, while also offering aromatic stress relief.

Thai massage ball

Exfoliating Moroccan Spa Kit

Spa kit

No time to squeeze in a spa day amidst the hustle bustle of the holidays? Try our Exfoliating Moroccan Spa Kit instead. Designed in the tradition of the hammam bath house, this kit will leave you with supple skin and a more peaceful state of mind. The bundle includes ​​deep cleansing Moroccan Black Soap, a ​​Kessa Glove to help exfoliate dead skin, unclog pores, and reveal healthier skin, as well as a clay pumice stone known as a Mhakka.

Argan Oil

Argan Oil

Rich in Vitamin E, CoQ10, melatonin, and plant sterols (potent antioxidants that reduce the damaging effects of free radicals), Argan Oil has been used for hundreds of years as a potent face, body, and hair beauty treatment. At Verve Culture, we source 100% cold pressed, organic, unfrosted cosmetic argan oil and balm straight from the small region on the coast of Morocco. We guarantee you (or the lucky gift recipient) will be feeling pretty and pampered after using this product.

Jasmine Thai Lounge Robe

Thai Robe

With just the right combination of comfort and style, our Jasmine Thai Lounge Robe features Buddhism-inspired imagery like fragile lotus flowers, wisps of incense smoke, candle flames, and jasmine garlands. Love the print, but prefer loungewear more suitable for all-day wearing? Try our Jasmine Thai Wide-Leg Lounge Pants

Moroccan Kilim Slippers

Moroccan Slippers

Slip on our Moroccan Kilim Slippers after a long day at the office or a relaxing day at the spa. Designed with an open-back in the traditional "Babouche" style beloved among 17th century French courtiers, our slippers have soft yet durable goat leather insoles sure to stand the test of time. What we love most about them, however, is the story they tell. Each pair is made from a different upcycled vintage Moroccan textile Kilim rug, making it totally unique. Prefer a quieter look? Choose our Moroccan Leather Slippers.

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