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Set Your Thanksgiving Table for Memory-Making with These Artisan-Made Collections

Think back on Thanksgivings of yore and surely a surge of memories comes to mind. Maybe you remember the time your crazy uncle forgot to cut up the apple for the apple pie. Or you smile recalling the year you and the other grandkids dressed up in Grandma’s petticoats and tried your best to mimic her square dance moves. Perhaps there’s a burnt turkey, a perfect pumpkin pie, or a favorite family member at the center of the tale. 

At Verve Culture, we love the way the dinner table, especially the Thanksgiving dinner table, brings people together where they can share these beloved memories with the people they love most. That’s the beauty of the table, in our book. 

That value of “story” is also at the heart of all of our artisan-made collections. Each product, from our Thai Herbal Bath Soak (the perfect way to destress after a visit from the in-laws) to the Authentic Mexican Hot Chocolate Gift Set (cold nights, hot chocolate ... Need we say more?), has a story behind it. Curious? Read more here.

This Thanksgiving, blend your stories with those of craftspeople the world over as you bring some culture to your table with handcrafted chef knives, Mexican blown glass, and Moroccan kitchen tools. Here’s what we recommend.

Thai Chef’s Knives

It’s been stuffed, basted, and now, finally, pulled from the oven with a bit of flair. It’s skin is golden and slightly crispy, it’s meat perfectly roasted and ready to be devoured. But one thing needs to happen first: That turkey needs to be carved. Enter our artisan-made collection of chef’s knives, each of which is handcrafted out of steel by Thai blacksmiths. Opt for the perfect control of our medium-weight cleaver (known simply as the Thai Chef’s Knife #1) or the lightweight Thai Chef’s Moon Knife, which allows for an elegant, long cut.

Mexican Handblown Glassware

Some Thanksgiving tables are a formal affair where the China plates and silver dining set are dusted off and placed on a pristine white tablecloth. Other Thanksgiving tables make use of everyday dishes (and perhaps a few reusable plastic spoons for the kids) and are served family-style with little pomp and circumstance. No matter your traditions, our Handblown Glasses, made by a team of dedicated Mexican glassblowers, will suit the occasion. Stylishly festive, yet solidly built with just the right amount of playful color, our Mexican hand blown glasses in orange swirl will make a great addition to your table, while the Mexican Handblown Glass Pitcher will add a touch of autumn flair as it’s passed among your guests.

Mexican handblown pitcher

Moroccan Ceramics

Moroccan tableware

We hope that the stories shared around the table are center stage for you and your loved ones this Thanksgiving. We also hope there’s a heap of good food to feast upon. And the aesthetics of it all? We’re biased, but we think our line of Moroccan Ceramics can elevate the presentation of any side dish. Take our 14-inch diameter Couscous Platter (available in teal, white, red, or blue), which will serve as a lovely backdrop for your candied yams. Or use our smaller, but just as stunning, 7.75-inch diameter Moroccan Terracotta Serving Bowls for your mound of mashed potatoes (whipped or lumpy, no judgies from us either way). Need a conduit for your cranberry sauce and gravy? Our 5-inch diameter Moroccan Glazed Bowls with Berber Silver Trim are just right! 

Colorful serving bowls
Looking for recipes for your Thanksgiving leftovers? Try our fast and delicious leftover turkey tagine recipe!
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