A Quick Guide to Cleaning Your Thai Knives

A Quick Guide to Cleaning Your Thai Knives

If you're someone who loves using the best quality products when in the kitchen, then you know how frustrating it is to use a dull knife. The idea of cutting a tomato with a dull knife might send shivers down your spine. It's normal for our knives to dull over time, which is why we need to sharpen them periodically. But did you know there are things you might be doing that could dull your knives sooner than anticipated? That's why you need to follow this quick guide to cleaning your Thai knives.

Hand Wash

You have likely settled for putting your precious knives in the dishwasher now and then to save some cleaning time. It's okay; we've all done it. However, it’s important to the longevity of your knives that you try to avoid making this a habit. Using a dishwasher will weaken the integrity of the handle’s connection to the knife and increase the chances of rust forming.

As such, it’s best to hand wash your knives as soon as you finish using them. When handwashing your knives, you can use plain dish soap, water, and the soft side of a sponge. Try to avoid using the rough side and other abrasive washing items, as this can damage your knife.

Wash and Dry Instantly

In addition to hand washing, ensure you don't leave your knives sitting in your sink for long periods of time. That is a habit many of us tend to have that can also contribute to the accelerated degradation of your high-quality knives. We want your Thai knives to last as long as possible, which is why we have created this quick guide to cleaning them.

Following the washing process, one of the most crucial steps in caring for your knives is to dry them instantly. If you leave your knives to air dry, the water that remains will also contribute to the likelihood of your knife rusting or oxidizing. That's why you should always dry your knives instantly with a towel or microfiber cloth.

Do you want to add more Thai kitchen knives to your home or gift these amazing tools to a friend? At Verve Culture, we have a wide variety of high-quality Thai knives and sharpening sets available. With consistent care and attention, these knives can last you a lifetime.

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