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Villa Real Mexican Hot Chocolate Variety Gift Set

Villa Real Mexican Hot Chocolate Variety Gift Set

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This festive gift set includes two discs of all three of Villa Real's popular flavors: Almond, Vanilla, and Sweet Dark. Made in Oaxaca, Mexico with simple ingredients of cocoa butter, sugar, almond, and other nuts and spices, the result is the most delicious cup of Mexican Hot Chocolate you’ve ever tasted. Mix with warm milk and froth together with our handcrafted traditional molinillo.

Each flavor of Villa Real's Mexican Hot Chocolate has a wonderful depth and beautifully complex flavor: creamy, nutty, an a delicious balance between bitter and sweet. The cinnamon is a defining feature of Mexican Hot Chocolate and is an ideal complement for the cacao's bitter undertones.

  • Almond - the sweetness of the three flavors, te ground almonds and pecans make for a buttery and luxurious texture.
  • Vanilla - the addition of vanilla and a higher cocoa content results in a lovely aroma and comforting flavor.
  • Sweet Dark - the highest percentage of cocoa creates a decadent treat with all the texture and complexity, but with less sweetness.
From One Family to Yours

We partner with family-owned business Villa Real to source our Mexican Hot Chocolate. They treat cocoa as a sacred ingredient inherited from their ancestors. They turn it into a mixture of flavors and ingredients that will make your palate fill with emotions and memories. It’s the taste of nostalgia. Meet them here.

Pass the Hot Chocolate

Mexican hot chocolate is great for the colder seasons. You’ll want to share this with friends and family, so grab our hot chocolate gift set, which includes a gorgeous and functional hot chocolate jug, Villa Real chocolate, and a traditional molinillo whisk.


  • Ingredients: Cocoa butter, sugar, almond, nuts and spices. Vanilla is added to the Vanilla flavor.
  • Allergen statement: Includes nuts
  • Made in Mexico
  • Vegan
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