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Italian Olivewood Truffle Slicer

Italian Olivewood Truffle Slicer

Italy Collection
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Artisan-made in Italy, our precision, stainless-steel olivewood truffle slicer has an adjustable blade that slices truffles into thin, aromatic curls. Perfect for adding a *chef's kiss* garnish to anything from risotto to polenta to pasta. The plane of this paddle-like device is designed for producing paper-thin slices of truffles. In addition to truffles, this slicer can be used for vegetables, cheese and more - wherever fine slices are necessary.

  • Olivewood, stainless-steel slicer made for slicing white or black truffles.
  • Razor-sharp blade with precise performance and efficient control.
  • Adjustable blade can slice as thin as .2mm slices
  • Easily adjustable blade to slice truffles, cheese, chocolate, etc.
  • Slice chocolate or hard cheese into consistent sizes as well.
  • Made in Italy.

An idea: decorate your Waldorf salad with extremely thin nut sections. It can also be used to slice porcini mushrooms, to serve very thin slices of Parmesan on your plates.


8.5 x 3.75 x .75 in.

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