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Moroccan Tam-Tam Double Drum

Moroccan Tam-Tam Double Drum

Moroccan Collection
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The Sounds Of Morocco

A double drum made from ceramic bowls covered with goatskin. One side is larger than the other, resulting in two different pitches. These bongos have been made for centuries by Moroccan artisans, gazing at these drums alone can send you back to exotic bazaars and music filled nights under starry deserts. This is a professional quality, ceramic bongos. Because there is a lot of lacing, the drum will always stay tight and tuned.

The Historic Beat

From the ancient folk pieces of the Berber mountain communities, to the Arab-Andalusian music of the cities, to the roots-fusion that you'll hear blaring from taxi radios and café ghetto blasters, music is the ultimate expression of Morocco's culture. 


Appx. 10” x 7” x 9.5”
(Due to the handmade nature of these drums, sizes may vary).

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