Collection: Sustainable Kitchenware

Sustaining artisan traditions also sometimes goes hand-in-hand with sustainable and recycled materials.

Sustainable Kitchenware

Sustainable Kitchenware

This collection features artisan-made home wares made with recycled glass, recycled aluminum, and recycled cast iron. Just imagine - your grandma's old Singer sewing machine repurposed into a tortilla press that makes Taco Tuesday better than ever!

Too many kitchen appliances require materials that aren’t eco-friendly, especially when you buy from the biggest brands. When you use sustainable kitchenware, however, you can work with food without feeling any guilt (and the benefits go even further than that). Choosing eco-friendly kitchenware that is designed by artisans we work closely with means you’re getting totally unique pieces.

The various pieces of environmentally friendly kitchenware in our shop have their own story and roots in a rich culture that you can bring into your home. These high-quality pieces of sustainable kitchenware will spice up your home and bring you peace of mind, too. Check out our recycled kitchenware today!