Heavy- 101 Christmas Gifts for Employees (The Ultimate List)

Heavy- 101 Christmas Gifts for Employees (The Ultimate List)


June 2020.

Verve Culture's Thai Chef's Moon Knife Set was featured in Heavy's 101 Christmas Gifts for Employees list. 

"The Thai Moon Knife Set by Verve Culture will make for a unique and cherished gift for any employee who considers themself a culinary enthusiast!

This is a traditional Thai forged steel moon and slice knife set that’s been crafted in a small village in Thailand by talented local artisans. It’s designed to effortlessly slice meat, poultry, coconut, watermelon, and other hard-skinned fruits common within Thai cuisine.

The knives (and bamboo storage box) have a totally neat aesthetic that’s a conversation piece in itself, so this gift is bound to be exciting for whoever you have in mind. Build with excellent quality and bursting with culture and culinary flair, this is a stellar gift idea for those that cherish their time in the kitchen."

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Featured Product: Thai Chef's Moon Knife Set

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