Rodrigo: a Skilled Textiles Craftsman

Rodrigo: a Skilled Textiles Craftsman

Rodrigo is Verve Culture's Mexican Handloomed Blanket and Hammock artisan.

Rodrigo was born in San Sebastian Tutla, Oaxaca in 1965. His family has a rich tradition of craftsmanship that dates back to his great grandfather, Mr. Roman Cordova, who made shawls.

Rodrigo's grandmother, Felipa, and her husband, Guillermo, had their own linen workshop, which inspired Rodrigo to continue the family legacy. His mother,  Guillermina, not only made typical Oaxaqueña blankets but also had the brilliant idea of making clothes with handmade fabric.

Rodrigo followed in his family's footsteps, and in 1990, he started his independent workshop, where he continued to learn from his family's knowledge and skills. Rodrigo is dedicated to creating new designs and rescuing fabrics with old designs that are no longer made.

Today, Rodrigo is supported by his wife, Macrina, who is in charge of making clothes. Moreover, his son, Guillermo, and his wife, Andrea, have joined the workshop to continue the family tradition.

Together, Rodrigo and his team make beautiful and high-quality products that reflect the artistry and craftsmanship of Oaxaca. Their work has gained recognition both locally and internationally, and they have become an essential part of the region's cultural heritage.

Rodrigo's dedication to preserving and advancing his family's legacy is a testament to the importance of traditional craftsmanship and its enduring significance. The world needs more artisans like Rodrigo, who keep the spirit of their culture alive through their creations.

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