The Top 10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Mexican Food Lovers

The Top 10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Mexican Food Lovers

The holiday season is fast approaching, and with that comes the joys of giving gifts to the people we love. There is truly nothing better than seeing the look of excitement on the face of your loved one as they unwrap a gift you put precious time into choosing. For many, the joy of gift-giving surpasses the excitement of receiving gifts.

If you can relate to that, you are likely already planning on the gifts you will purchase for the holiday season. That is why, if you have someone in your life who is a massive Mexican food lover, you have come to the right place, as these are the top holiday gift ideas to get them.

Tortilla Press

Everyone knows that tortillas are a staple in Mexican cuisine. While many people will eat premade tortillas, nothing compares to the taste of a homemade tortilla. Your friend likely feels the same way, which is why you should get them a tortilla press. A tortilla press makes the perfect gift, as your friend can use it for entertaining, themed dinners, and fun date nights. Show that special someone you care by gifting them a red cast iron press.

At Verve Culture, we have a wide variety of Mexican cooking tools. You can get everything on this gift guide right on our website. That includes our tortilla press which our artisans handmake from recycled aluminum, giving you a unique and all-your-own piece of work. Moreover, our tortilla press is extra-large, making it the perfect size for burritos and tacos. Also, consider our tortilla press kit, which includes an authentic aluminum press and colorful servilleta napkins.

Make Your Own

Once your friend unwraps their tortilla press, they will probably want to immediately head to the kitchen to make the first of many tortillas. Check out this video to learn how to make the best authentic tortillas from scratch. They will love cooking their tortillas, and the best part is that they are incredibly easy to make. All you need to make your homemade tortillas is two cups of masa corn flour and two cups of warm water. Using these ingredients, you can make approximately 24 tortillas. Cook for one minute on each side until it puffs up slightly, then the tortillas are ready to eat.

Tortilla Basket

While there is nothing better than the taste of a homemade tortilla, you must ensure you keep them warm to enjoy them to the fullest. Tortillas lose heat quickly, becoming hard and cold before you know it. That is why a tortilla basket makes the perfect addition to your tortilla press. These baskets, called, “tortilleo” in Spanish, are very common in Mexico as they help keep tortillas well insulated and warm.


The molcajete has been a staple in Mesoamerican culture for centuries. It may seem like a story taken from a fantasy novel, but the traditional molcajete is forged from volcanic stone by highly-skilled artisans. A molcajete is perfect for making guacamole and a variety of salsas. It even works as a serving plate. If the Mexican food lover in your life doesn't already have one of these iconic pieces, then a molcajete is the top holiday gift for them.

Taco Lovers Bundle

Who doesn't look forward to Taco Tuesdays? Consider making it a tradition or kicking it up a notch with our Taco Lovers Bundle. When you get your friend this bundle, they will receive our red cast-iron tortilla press, four colorful Mexican napkins, our hand juicer, and a trio of 100 percent natural hot sauces. Our kit has everything your friend could want to throw an epic Taco Tuesday every week.


Servilletas are Mexican napkins. They are very different from the napkins most Americans use every day. During the pre-Hispanic era, artisans would weave these servilletas from the fibers of the yucca, maguery, and palm plants. While modern-day artisans use different fibers, they continue the colorful tradition with as much vibrancy. The most striking component of these napkins is the stunning textiles and designs that tell the ongoing story of the rich culture of Mexico.

Baking Dish

Food is a major aspect of Mexican culture. Family and friends gather to share and enjoy most meals together. That requires a dish that can go the distance. Many use clay baking dishes to serve a group.

If you want to pay homage to this tradition, you might consider getting your friend our Mexican mole baking dish. Our dishes are handmade from clay originating in the Guadalajara territory of Mexico. Your friend will love all the meals they can make, from enchiladas and tamales to mole and nachos.

Artisan Juicer

It is no secret that citrus is a staple in Mexican cuisine, so your friend will need an artisan citrus juicer that can keep up with the demand. At Verve Culture, we pride ourselves on our artisanal citrus juicers, handmade by incredible artisans who cast, grind, and polish each one. We also use 100 percent recycled aluminum to ensure a more sustainable future for us all.

The best part is that our juicers come in a range of selections. You can choose what will fit your friend's needs. We have a large and small artisan citrus juicer and a Mexican hand juicer. Our small citrus juicer is perfect for small fruits like lemons, limes, and oranges. Our large citrus juicer is great for entertaining because it can crush large citrus fruits easily and efficiently. You might also consider our Mexican hand juicer if your friend enjoys citrus in their cocktails, water, and tea. This juicer is a good size when you want a little extra flavor in your drinks.

Cantaritos Kit

You can't talk about Mexican cuisine without mentioning the many drinks and cocktails that are a must when enjoying a meal. If the gift receiver you have in mind loves a good cocktail, then you want to get them our Cantaritos Kit. The kit includes the iconic red clay cups that will keep its namesake drink cold, or any other cocktail for that matter. Moreover, our kit also comes with paper straws, our handmade Mexican citrus juicer, and delicious chili salt to rim your cup.

Molinillo Whisk

Many people would agree that nothing compares to the taste of Mexican hot chocolate. If the person in mind enjoys making this warm chocolaty drink, then you might gift them a traditional Molinillo whisk. The Molinillo helps whisk up Mexican hot chocolate to get that satisfying froth many enjoy. However, this whisk also has multiple functions, as you can also use it to muddle herbs and fruits for a fun and creative cocktail hour. Your friend will marvel at the stunning designs etched into the wood of the Molinillo whisk, making it a functional piece of art they will love.

The Top 10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Mexican Food Lovers
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