Mexican Handblown Glass Artisans


Javier H. Gutierrez Espinosa

mexican-glassware-artisan-javierJavier H. Gutierrez Espinosa says his career in glass blowing was by chance. Despite growing up in Guadalajara - just nine miles from Tonala - the first time he visited the town was when he was 22 year old. One day, he accompanied his friend to Tonala and fate took over. On that trip, he found a closed artisan glass factory whose owners were ready to rebuild something else. But young, enthusiastic, and visionary Javier convinced them to open the factory again. He started learning and experimenting with glass techniques, and after years of hard work was able to pay for the land and factory. 


mexican-handblown-glass-javierJavier now trusts the talented artisans on his team, including his sons, to produce new and beautiful pieces while incorporating new skills and creative ideas. Javier has always loved the thrill of a mistake that ends up producing new colors, techniques, and other surprising results. Verve Culture is proud to partner with this team of dedicated and loyal artisans who excel every day in their craft.


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