Relaxation and Wellness

What could be a better gift than a bit of self-care, stress relief, and relaxation? Our round up of Thai wellness products use the centuries-old tradition of herbal healing to help relax and unwind. Herbs like turmeric, lemongrass, ginger, and kaffir lime leaf combine to help relieve muscle tension and joint pain while stimulating blood circulation and pleasing the senses. Round out the pampering routine by taking a snooze or reading a book in our handmade Thai hammock - it is made of recycled materials, so even your conscience can rest easy.
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Moroccan Blankets

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Moroccan Poufs

From $140.00
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Moroccan Vintage Kilim Poufs

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Thai Crystal Deodorant Stone - 100% Natural

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Moroccan Kilim Slippers

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Jasmine Thai Lounge Robe