MixOLOGY - Fresh Juice Cocktails

With it being the height of citrus season (especially our favorite Valencia Orange), we wanted to go through some of our favorite, tried-and-true fresh fruit cocktails. Now that the weather is warming up, it's the perfect time to use our Artisan Citrus Juicer, XL Citrus Juicer, or our simple Hand Juicer to squeeze up some brunch and happy-hour ready beverages. After all, if it doesn't look this good, the juice isn't worth the squeeze!

fresh-orange-juice valencia-oranges


2 oz fresh squeezed orange or grapefruit juice
2 oz Prosecco or champagne
Orange Zest or sprig of fresh mint for garnish

Pour into champagne flute or wine glass, and enjoy!



2 oz fresh squeezed lime juice
2 oz high quality tequila
1 oz agave syrup or triple sec

Shake over ice or blend with ice cubes for a delicious frozen treat.

dampen the glass rim with a lime wedge and dip in a blend of salt, sugar, and a pinch of chili powder (optional).

For a lighter version, add 2 o. of soda water.


Sprigs of fresh mint
1 oz fresh squeezed lime juice
2 oz high quality white rum
1/2 oz agave syrup
2 oz club soda

In a shaker, lightly muddle 8 mint leaves with agave syrup, add lime juice and rum, fill with ice and shake well.

Pour into a highball glass and top with club soda. Garnish with a sprig of mint.


1 oz fresh lemon juice
2 oz fresh orange juice
1/2 oz agave syrup
3 oz soda water or ginger ale

Mix all ingredients, pour over ice, and garnish with strawberries or mint.

Verve Culture Hand Juicer


Artisan Citrus Juicer - Small

XL Citrus Juicer - Large


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