WAG Magazine- Cooking with 'Verve'

WAG Magazine- Cooking with 'Verve'

WAG Magazine 

April 2020.

Verve Culture Company was featured in Cooking with 'Verve' from WAG Magazine. 

Jacquie Lewis, Jules Vertrees and Sarah Laping Garland are three women with verve — Verve Culture, that is.

“We are a women-run business spanning three generations from baby boomer (to) Gen X(er) to millennial,” the three say on the company’s website, with Jacquie and daughter Jules being company founders. “We are in constant pursuit of life travelled fully. The more we explore, the more we get inspired.”

What inspires them most is sharing artisanal products curated carefully from around the globe. But the trio don’t just want to sell them to you. They want to share the artisans’ stories with you. Their website is not only a what is it but a who made it and why.

So you’ll meet Juan Alonso and Anselmo Gonzalez Gardino, two of the makers of molinillos, the decorative turned wood whisks used in the frothing of Mexico’s distinctive hot chocolate. The whisks make intriguing decorative art objects, reminding us that the functional and the artistic needn’t be exclusive. Meanwhile, Thai craftsmen like Tee fashion knives, including the wedge-shape Moon Knife that can cut through everything from watermelon to animal bone, out of stainless steel and pradu wood. It’s a craft that harks back to the early-19th century blacksmiths who emigrated from Laos, creating swords to fend off Thailand’s Burmese invaders.

Verve Culture offers everything from utensils to foodstuffs to wellness products."-Georgette Gouveia

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