The Atlanta Journal Constitution-Three Gift Ideas for Grads and Newlyweds

The Atlanta Journal Constitution-Three Gift Ideas for Grads and Newlyweds

The Atlanta Journal Constitution 

June 2021.

Verve Cultures Mexican Collection was featured in The Atlantic Journals Constitution article "Three Gift Ideas for Grads and Newlyweds."The Mexico collection from Verve Culture. Courtesy of Verve Culture

The Mexico collection from Verve Culture

"Verve Culture is a great source of gifts for people who enjoy experimenting in the kitchen and using tools appropriate to the cuisine. Since Mexican food is widely popular, we tried some of the items in the company’s Mexico collection. Tortillas are easy to buy, but they’re also surprisingly simple to make. Requiring only two ingredients — masa harina and water — hot homemade street taco-size corn tortillas are ready in minutes when made using the cast-iron tortilla press. Then, we turned our attention to guacamole, using the stone molcajete, an ancient design for a mortar and pestle. Never having tried one before, we were intrigued with how well it grinds spices, and how quickly it turned avocadoes into great guac. It comes packed in a handwoven palm basket that’s perfect for holding those homemade tortillas. And, don’t forget the hot sauce! There’s a habanero hot sauce trio available that’s full of flavor. The tools are all heavy-duty and meant to last a lifetime.

$48 for cast-iron tortilla press with servilleta, $60 for molcajete with tortilla basket, $28 for habanero hot sauce trio with servilleta. Available at"

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Featured Products:

Cast Iron Tortilla press 

Molcajete With Tortilla Basket

Habanero Hot Sauce Trio 

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