SAVEUR-2020 Holiday Gift Guide

SAVEUR-2020 Holiday Gift Guide


December 2020.

Verve Culture's Artisan Tagine for Two was featured in SAVEUR'S article "2020 Holiday Gift Guide."

There was a time in my life when the earthenware pot turned me off—how’s a New Yorker to stack one in the cabinet? And all that space for just the occasional Moroccan stew? Well, after snagging one of these lovely, small terracotta tagines from Verve Culture—a globally-inspired online shop specializing in international kitchen and home goods—I find myself using it at least once a week. Just about as idiot-proof as a slow-cooker, but with much more kitchen-to-table flare, this tagine has been the key to countless, set-it-and-forget-it chicken and lamb dishes that have gotten me through the dreariest lockdown days of the year. The domed lid allows moisture and heat to circulate for a perfect, no-fuss braise, and the shallow base doubles as (surprise!) one of the most even-heating pie plates I’ve ever used. As for that precious cabinet space? Hardly an issue: This pretty, hand-painted pottery now has a permanent home on the back burner. —Kat Craddock (Executive Editor, SAVEUR)

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Featured Product: Tagine For Two-Traditional

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