Parenting OC Magazine- Gifts for Dad

Parenting OC Magazine- Gifts for Dad

Parenting OC Magazine

May 2020.

Verve Culture's Thai Chef's Moon Knife was featured in Parenting OC Magazine "Gifts for Dad."

"For the dad who likes to cook, this lightweight carbon steel knife, made in a small village in Thailand, makes short work of the toughest cutting, through meat and bone or through hard-skinned fruit like watermelon. Hand-forged, its Asian-style, bamboo box and the large round blade for which it’s named lends a ceremonial flair to the task, and it requires some ceremony to keep it ready for use: You hand-wash it, use Japanese waterstones to sharpen it (not included), and because it’s not stainless steel, an application of oil over the blade is advised before putting away — a little extra effort but part of the experience.
$70"— Madison Amirehteshami and Randall Tierney

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Product Featured: Thai Chef's Moon Knife 

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