PARADE - Best Juicers for 2020

PARADE - Best Juicers for 2020

Hopping on the Juicing Trend? We Recommend the Best New Juicers for 2020

January 15, 2020

The juicing trend isn’t going anywhere in the New Year, and for good reason. We now have a wide range of juicers that make it easy to extract nutritious juice from your favorite fruits and veggies—and they come at different price points so juicing can be affordable.

“Juicing has historically been a very cyclical business with years of tremendous growth followed by years of significant declines,” explains Kristi Sylvis, senior product manager at Hamilton Beach Brands, which makes juicers.

The market is growing in part due to the celery juice trend, Sylvis tells

“Juice bars continue to be popular but the cost benefit of juicing home can’t be beat,” she says. “Our estimates indicate you can juice at home for about one-third of the cost versus typical juice bars.”

When I started researching juicers, I wanted to know about the different types. After all, we’ve all seen the traditional juicer where you put in some elbow grease to twist an orange on top of a cone-like device. Too much work—and how do you get veggies in? After I saw what the juicing bars were using (and how much they were charging), I decided to try juicing for myself.


The Verve Culture Artisan Citrus Juicer was great for pressing lemons, limes, oranges, and other citrus fruits. I didn’t have to twist the fruit onto a disc, I just pressed it using a lever. The juice poured into the cup and the pulp sat in a strainer. It was relatively easy to clean. And I must mention … it is a gorgeous handmade countertop piece if you have the space to spotlight it.

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