My Recipe-Best Gifts for that new cook in your life.

My Recipe-Best Gifts for that new cook in your life.

My Recipe

December 2020.

Verve Culture's Artisan Citrus Countertop Juicer was featured in the article "Best Gifts for that new cook in your life."


"New cooks getting started will soon discover how great a role citrus juice plays in great cooking. From beverages to salad dressings, sauces to soups, marinades to baking, citrus juice is a culinary powerhouse. It can also be very annoying to squeeze, especially if you need a lot of it. Ever make a Key lime pie, when you need a cup of juice out of limes that give only a tablespoon per? Having a great way to effectively get juice quickly without having to invest in an electric juicer is a godsend, and one that is attractive enough to sit on the counter is a bonus! I love this retro looking freestanding version from Verve: The perfectly balanced lever-action makes fast work of even the toughest little limes, and extracts more juice than any hand-held I’ve ever worked with."

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Featured Product: Artisan Citrus Countertop Juicer

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