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Gadget Flow - Best Handmade Wonders

Verve Culture Artisan Manual Citrus Juicer obtains every last drop of juice

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While eliminating seeds and pulp, the Verve Culture Artisan Manual Citrus Juicer ensures you get every drop of juice possible. Ideal for large citrus fruits, this handmade juicer works best on oranges and grapefruits. A fairly large device, this grapefruit juicer takes up little space on your counter as it’s 19 inches in length and eight inches wide. Additionally, it measures up to 24 inches tall, so this orange juicer definitely isn’t a compact kitchen gadget. It’s worth the space it needs, though, for a durable, solid, long-lasting juicer like this. Whether for breakfast, cocktails, cooking, or baking, fresh juice is a great addition to many meals. Place your glass or measuring cup beneath the juicer and pull down on the lever to squish your fruit. You’ll have fresh juice in an instant.
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