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February 2021.

Verve Culture's Hot Chocolates were featured in Earth Heroes Blog "14 Sustainable Valentine's Day Gifts To Show Your Love This Season."


If you’re a chocolate lover, you look forward to the chocolate that comes along with this sweet holiday. Instead of a giant box of heart shaped chocolates, mix it up with some delicious Villa Real Hot Chocolate. These hot chocolate discs are made in Mexico with all natural ingredients like cocoa butter, sugar, almonds and spices. Just add some hot milk and voila! Villa Real is also a great sustainable chocolate supplier that works directly with the farmers to make sure they’re being paid a fair wage. Pair your hot chocolate with some of Verve Culture’s  fun hot chocolate accessories, like their traditional Molinillo whisk used for stirring your hot beverages and their handmade hot chocolate jug for easy heating."

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Featured Products: Traditional Molinillo Whisk, Handmade Hot Chocolate Jug, Villa Real Hot Chocolate


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