Salah, Halima, and Hamina

Salah, Halima, and Hamina

Salah, Halima, and Hamina are our Nesting Bowls and Safi Couscous Platter makers!

Salah has dedicated his life to the art of pottery. His passion for the craft started at a young age, when his uncle began teaching him the secrets of shaping and painting pottery after school.

By the time Salah was an adult, he had acquired enough knowledge and experience to start his own business, while working closely with his twin cousins Halima and Hamina, as well as other members of his family. Today, their operation has grown to employ over 50 workers who produce everything 100% by hand.

The family's pottery business specializes in producing intricate, symmetrical designs that are painted by both women and men, with each color carefully applied by hand.

They are proud of the traditional shapes and designs that their team produce and take great joy in sharing the Safi culture with others. This helps them find satisfaction in being able to preserve the art of pottery-making in their community. Salah, Halima, and Hamina are also lifelong learners, always eager to learn from their customers and explore new techniques and designs.

The business is now a place of learning for many young people who come to study and gain experience in the craft of pottery-making. This is something Salah and his family take great pride in, recognizing the importance of passing on their knowledge and skills to the next generation.

When asked if he has a favorite item produced by their team, Salah replies that he loves all of them equally, as they are all his "babies." His passion is evident in everything they create, and the dedication to preserving traditional pottery-making techniques is an inspiration to all who value the importance of preserving cultural heritage.

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