Molinillo Crafters

Molinillo Crafters

The Traditional Hot Chocolate Whisk. 

Meet Juan Alonso


Meet Antelmo Gonzalez Gardino


The art of Molinillo-making is a traditional craft that has been passed down through generations of Mexican artisans. Juan and Antelmo are two such artisans who have dedicated their lives to perfecting this craft and creating stunning works of art.

Juan has spent the last 47 years making Molinillos of all sizes, from small handheld pieces to complex 3 and 4-foot works. His exceptional skill has earned him a reputation as one of Mexico's finest Molinillo makers. In addition to Molinillos, he has also worked with renowned designer Carla Fernandez to create unique pieces of jewelry and handbag handles using his special techniques.

Juan works with his two sons, Estabon and Luis, in their workshop. Both have a fine eye for these highly decorated pieces, and together they continue the family tradition of Molinillo-making.

Antelmo Gonzalez learned the art of Molinillo-making from his uncles, and together with his wife Norma, they create beautiful pieces. Recently, their designs were incorporated into the legs of dining tables that were exhibited in Germany. The wood used for these tables is from the Wild Tamarind, which gives off oils that make the eyes run. Despite this challenge, the many orders for the tables from the exhibition have brought tears of joy to Antelmo's eyes.

Verve Culture recognizes the importance of preserving traditional crafts like Molinillo-making and is committed to supporting artisans like Antelmo. They hope to fund an apprentice to work with him so that he can pass on his craft and intricate designs to a new generation of dedicated artists.

It can be challenging to find young people with the passion and dedication required to pursue such an intricate craft, but Verve Culture supports Antelmo's search for the right person. The artistic expression and execution of Molinillo-making are so beautiful that they must be passed down to future generations to keep the tradition alive.

Juan and Antelmo's dedication to their craft is a testament to the power of preserving traditional art forms. Their exceptional skill and passion have helped to keep this beautiful art alive and inspire future generations of artisans to continue this timeless tradition.


Check out the molinillos here. They’re fantastic for whipping up Mexican Hot Chocolate, and they support artisans who are passing down their beautiful woodwork to the next generation.


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