Unique Gift Ideas for Tequila & Mezcal Lovers

Unique Gift Ideas for Tequila & Mezcal Lovers

Did you know that the agave plant can take nearly seven years to fully mature before it is ready to harvest? That is a long investment for a drink and, for many, more than worth it. The process of making tequila or mezcal is a true labor of love done by experts who work arduously to harvest the agave plant. It is no wonder that there are countless die-hard fans of tequila and mezcal. Here are some unique gift ideas to get them.

Agave Worm Salt

Made from the larvae that inhabit the agave plant, worm salt is a spicy-salty condiment that comprises toasted and ground up “worms”, chiles and salt and is traditionally served with orange slices as an accompaniment to Mezcal. It might surprise you that most artisans no longer include the agave worm in the mezcal-making process. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still incorporate and enjoy the maguey with your drink. Consider gifting the mezcal or tequila lover in your life agave worm salt. These salts have a unique blend of spices, including the agave worm, to make a salt that is unlike anything else and perfect to enjoy with your tequila or mezcal.

Handblown Glasses

The most important part about tequila and mezcal is drinking it, of course, and every aspect matters in creating a desirable experience. It will feel much different to drink out of a plastic cup versus from a spectacular piece of glass.

That is why you might consider elevating the drinking experience by purchasing a stunning piece of handblown Mexican glassware from us at Verve Culture. Our artisans make our glassware right in the Tequila homeland of Jalisco, Mexico. What’s more, they use only recycled materials to create unique and colorful pieces that pay homage to the rich culture of Mexico, making them unlike any other.

Coffee Table Book

The process of making tequila or mezcal can take years—from growing the agave plant to the generational training of the jimadores to harvest the plant efficiently. What’s more, the process of making these spirits has a long and beautiful Mexican history that any lover of tequila or mezcal would love to learn. As such, gift them with a coffee table book that teaches them all about the history and process.

Jalapeno, Tequila & Lime Hot Sauce

Made with tequila, lime, jalapenos, and hot sauce, this drink offers an all-natural and smooth taste with a lasting medium-heat brought out by the tequila. Verve Culture’s Habanero Hot Sauce Trio features three different habanero-infused flavors. Your tequila lover will enjoy them on everything from grilled seafood to eggs and tacos. Since it complements beef, chicken, fish, roasted vegetables, and fruits, this sauce may be used as a garnish entrees and to create attractive plate designs.

As they eat their food, they will want to wash it down with tequila, of course. According to locals, there is no better way to drink tequila than in a Cantaritos de barro cup. At Verve Culture, we have an authentic and traditional Cantaritos Kit that will take them right to the streets of Jalisco.

Sophisticated, Cool Blanket

Whether your tequila fan loves literature, the beach, or just word puns, you’re sure to crack a smile with this oversized, soft handloomed blanket from Verve Culture. It’s machine washable with a polyester-microfiber front and available in a variety of cool or bright colors. Mexican Blankets, also known as Serapes, have been used and worn for hundreds of years. Sometimes worn as a shawl, and sometimes worn as a poncho with a hole for your head, the Serape was the clothing item of choice to keep you warm across the Mexican region.

Infusion Kit

Tequila is first and foremost meant to be enjoyed. But it is indeed a complex spirit that reveals a range of flavors that develop as you taste. One might say that taking your time with tequila and sipping it is really the best way to get to know it. And that’s why it should be sipped slowly in a high-quality glass like Verve Culture’s INFUZE-Mezcal & Tequila Infusion & Tasting Kit. The wide mouth of a jicara cup allows the alcohol to evaporate, leaving room for the full expression of the mezcal. This is how scents come through, and you can fully experience the spirit and all its properties, including color, body, and brilliance.

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