Tips for Keeping Your Glassware Organized

Tips for Keeping Your Glassware Organized

Many of us can relate to the stress of opening a cabinet that reveals a mess of glassware. Seeing such chaos is the perfect recipe for a headache. You likely want to be able to display your glassware in an efficient way that you can be proud of. However, doing so may require some reorganization of your cabinets. Thankfully, keeping your glassware organized is easier than you think; try these tips to help you out.

Create a System

One of the biggest downfalls to glassware organization is the failure to create a system that can accommodate them. For example, you don't want to put the glassware you solely use for entertaining alongside the pieces you use every day. As such, it is best to create a tiered system wherein you place the glassware you only use for special occasions at the top of your cabinet.

Then, keep all glassware you utilize daily on the bottom shelf. The middle is best for things you might use weekly, such as stemmed glassware. When you have an order of convenience from top to bottom, you will find it is much easier to keep your glassware organized.

Have Zones

In addition to creating a system, you might also want to have zones for different types of glassware. For example, you should have a zone for entertaining glassware, a zone for cocktails, and a zone for everyday pieces. Moreover, some glassware pieces are works of art you likely want to have on display, so you can also create a zone for that.

A plus to placing some stunning glassware on display is that it gives your cabinet more space to store other pieces. If you want to put glassware on display but need to have elements that stand out, consider our glasses made in Mexico. At Verve Culture, our handmade Mexican Glassware provides a stunning splash of color to your dinner table that you and your guests will love to see.

Up or Down

The biggest debate surrounding storing your glassware is whether you will store them upright or downward. The general rule is to store everyday items such as mugs and drinking glasses downward, so you don't have to worry about dust collecting inside.

Whereas with specialty glassware, the most sensitive part tends to be the rim, so it's best to store it upright. While dust will collect in the cups, give them a quick wash before using them for special occasions.

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