The Different Types of Manual Juicers and Their Uses

The Different Types of Manual Juicers and Their Uses

If we ever have a craving for a glass of juice, many of us will head to the store to purchase a jug of pre-squeezed juice to satisfy ourselves. However, the experience might leave much to be desired if we prefer freshly squeezed juice. You will likely find yourself hard-pressed to encounter a person who prefers pre-packaged and mass-manufactured juice to juice made by hand.

That is because the dynamic flavors in a fresh cup of juice are incomparable, so it makes sense that you want to have a glass whenever you please. As such, you will require a quality juicer. You should know the different types of manual juicers and their uses so that you can choose the best one for you.

Why Choose Manual

You might be wondering why you should choose a manual juicer over an electric one. Modern society does us a great disservice when it seeks to break down everything until it is as simple as possible. When we over-simplify the creation process, we keep ourselves from working with our hands.

Creating something with our own two hands provides us with such deep levels of satisfaction. Moreover, reveling in those creations is the cherry on top that we find missing in our modern lives. Even though a freshly squeezed cup of juice will be satisfyingly delicious no matter where it comes from, it certainly tastes better when you make it yourself.

Live Authentically

There’s something authentic about manual juicers. In comparison to their elders, electric juicers haven’t been around for much too long. In fact, if you were to take a stroll along a busy street decked out with food vendors galore, you probably wouldn’t find an electric juicer anywhere. Many vendors use and even prefer a manual juicer because they are the common go-to that generations before them utilized as well.

Moreover, electric juicers often come from large corporations that mass-manufacture their products. Conversely, artisans hand-make manual juicers and put great care into each and every one of their products. When you choose to purchase a manual juicer, you are supporting a small artisan and their families who are seeking the advancement of their dreams and goals.

Steam Juicer

It is likely you have never seen a steam juicer before as they look quite different from your typical manual juicer. Many categorize this juicer as manual because it does not utilize any electricity to power.

This juicer utilizes three large multi-level stove-top pots to extract the liquid from fruit. The extraction occurs through steam that rises from the boiling pot on the bottom. The middle pot is where the juice will collect, and the top pot is a perforated pan where the fruit sits, breaking down. The middle pot also has a spout where the juice can flow out of the steam juicer and into a temperature-controlled pot.

Steam Juicer Uses

Steam juicers work great for people who want to preserve their fruits and vegetables in a time-efficient manner. Moreover, it allows you to extract juice from larger quantities of produce rather than one at a time. However, the juice that you extract with a steam juicer is very clear and free of pulp and fibers, which greatly reduces its nutritional value.

Artisan Citrus Juicer

When you take your stroll along the busy streets of Mexico, you will find these citrus juicers nearly everywhere. These juicers are incredible devices that you can’t help but admire. Moreover, they also have the durability and workability to back up their beauty.

With how many different citrus fruits there are available for us to drink from, we made sure to have two sizes of our Artisan Citrus Juicers. When you have this beauty on your countertop, you also have a piece of art as these juicers are hand-made by artisans who make each piece using recycled aluminum. Find out more about our stunning and sustainable manual juicers and their different uses so that you can choose the best one for your kitchen.

Small Juicer

Our small artisan juicer is the most versatile display of authentic drink-making and juice-squeezing. That is because our small citrus juicer comes in various colors, from gold to red to green and black. You can add a bit of customization so that your juicer can fit in perfectly with the color theme of your kitchen. Now, what type of fruits and drinks can you make with our small juicer?

Our small artisan citrus juicer is the perfect size for lemons, limes, and small oranges. This is a handy tool that you can rely on to give you freshly squeezed juice every morning with your breakfast. Moreover, you can also depend on our juicer to get you through the afternoon and night with refreshing margaritas.

Large Juicer

Sometimes, you want juice from a fruit that is a little larger than your average citruses, like grapefruit or larger oranges. That is why we made sure to provide you with our large artisan citrus juicer. It can handle those heftier fruits. Moreover, if you love to have friends over and entertain with cocktails, this sturdy and substantial juicer may be the best option for you.

You can trust this juicer to handle various sizes and quantities of fruits with complete ease. The best part is that our large citrus juicer also comes available in three colors: rose gold, gold, and black. When you have this eye-stopping juicer on your counter while hosting, you can rest assured you also have an interesting talking point your friends and family will love.

Mexican Hand Juicer

Sometimes, you want to add a little lime or lemon juice to your tea or water. In that case, you may not want to use a full-on citrus juicer. Thankfully, we planned for that, as we also have Mexican hand juicers for all your citrus-related desires. At Verve Culture, we are passionate about providing you with authentic, hand-made products that celebrate the cultures they come from. When you use our Mexican hand juicer, you are using an authentic piece of the culture while also supporting the Mexican artisans who handmake those products.

Splash of Flavor

Our hand juicers are perfect for those days when you want a little extra splash of flavor to your soda, tea, or water. Or, if you want a solo margarita, this Mexican hand juicer is perfect for those one-off drinks that only require a minimal amount of effort. Our hand juicer is the small but mighty tool you want in your kitchen.

The Different Types of Manual Juicers and Their Uses
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