How To Fill your Moroccan Pouf

How To Fill your Moroccan Pouf

Moroccan Poufs

January 2021.

Ever wonder how to fill your Moroccan Pouf? 

Traditionally, Moroccan poufs have been filled with camel hair, straw, or unused wool.  Assuming you don't have any extra camel hair lying around, what better way to utilize your pouf than to declutter your home!

Items you can use to fill your pouf:

  • Bed linens
  • Non-seasonal clothing
  • Pillows
  • Plastic grocery bags
There is no longer a need to overfill your linen closet anymore or shove things under your bed. Free up space by storing items in your pouf!

    Here are the steps we recommend in filling your pouf: 

    1.Find the perfect Moroccan pouf for your room.  Check out our Verve Culture Poufs (Leather or Vegan) and our Kilim Poufs which are made made from vintage Moroccan Kilim rugs by talented artisans in Marrakesh, Morocco.

    2.Unzip and unfold our Moroccan Pouf - there will be creases in the pouf; these will naturally disappear with time. 

    3.Gather what you would like to fill your pouf with and make sure that there is no moisture and everything is clean.

    4.Begin by filling your Moroccan pouf at its edges and working your way inward.  Keep filling until your pouf is even and full.

    5.Once it is full, zip your pouf and roll it on its side until the lumps have worked themselves out.

    6.Now it is time to ENJOY your pouf as an ottoman, footrest, seat, head rest, or table!

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