Five of Our Favorite Traditional Moroccan Drinks

Five of Our Favorite Traditional Moroccan Drinks

Located in North Africa, Morocco is a cultural melting pot of European, Arabian, Berber, and many other influences you can readily taste and see. One of the main areas you can recognize this colorful influence is in the Moroccan refreshments. You could easily exhaust yourself by trying every drink this country offers. Don’t worry. We’re here to help, as we compiled five of our favorite traditional Moroccan drinks you must try.

Green Tea with Mint

It’s no secret that tea is a cornerstone in Moroccan culture, whether enjoyed with friends or as a means of extending hospitality. While there are many teas the people of Morocco enjoy, the most common one you will find is green tea with mint.

All you need to do is brew your favorite green tea and add some sugar and, of course, a couple of mint leaves. As you pour more tea, add more mint leaves and sugar to keep the flavors alive.


For many of us, yogurt drinks aren’t a staple in our diets, but they are incredibly common in Morocco. One of the most popular yogurt drinks is Raib. Raib is quite similar in texture and flavor to kefir. However, Raib gets its sweetness from added mint or pomegranate syrup.

Besides your flavoring of choice, all you need to make Raib is whole milk, sugar, and some form of yogurt, preferably on the thicker side! After mixing, set the concoction aside in a warm environment for several hours before serving chilled.

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

One of our top favorite traditional Moroccan drinks you must try is the easiest one to make. Many people will say if you want to find the best orange juice in the world, you must go to Marrakech, Morocco. While you may be unable to immediately hop on a plane and travel to Morocco to experience their orange juice, you can still get pretty close. At Verve Culture, we have beautiful high-quality citrus juicers that will make juicing your oranges easy and fun. Get the full experience by enjoying your fresh-pressed orange juice in one of our beautiful Moroccan glass sets.

Nous Nous

While tea is much more popular, coffee is still a drink many enjoy in Morocco. However, unlike many of us in the States who have it first thing in the morning, it’s more of a mid-morning pick-me-up in Morocco. Nous Nous translates to “half,” meaning half espresso and half steamed or foam milk. Thankfully, Nous Nous is easy to make and likely already quite similar to your current coffee order.

Avocado Smoothie

You usually don’t think of avocado as a drink, let alone a sweet one, but when you have a Moroccan avocado smoothie, you’ll understand why so many love this refreshing beverage. You’ll need an avocado, three cups of your preferred milk, around four tablespoons of your preferred sweetener, and a good amount of ice to make this delicious beverage. Blend your ingredients up, take a sip, and enjoy!

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