A Guide to Hosting Your First Dinner Party

A Guide to Hosting Your First Dinner Party

When we think of the most sentimental memories with the people we love, they likely occurred with everyone communing together around good food and drink. Food and drink as a means of bringing people together have been used for thousands of years. However, some meals are better than others, making the events around them much more memorable. If you want to create an event people won't forget, here is your guide to hosting your first dinner party.

Your First Dinner Party

While you likely have some hosting experience under your belt, it can still feel quite nerve-wracking to think about hosting your own dinner party. The pressure is certainly on, but with proper planning, you will find it goes so seamlessly that you can't wait to host again. Before we get to the next party, we must focus on the first. There is much to do. Here is your quintessential guide to hosting your first dinner party.

Create an Outline

A day planner will be your best friend as you go about gathering everything you need. It helps to create an outline. You don't have to be super neat with everything. Your mind is likely spinning with exciting ideas for décor, invites, food, drinks, and much more. As such, take a pen and paper and write down all the thoughts you have pertaining to your party. Consolidate all your ideas into categories. This will allow you to brainstorm on each subject.

Once you have everything down, take a step back and begin creating your outline. It would be best if your outline included time frames as well, as this will assist you in keeping track of everything and staying up to date as the days count down. Consider making your outline for about two to three weeks out. With an organized timeframe, you can spend time on what is most important.

Three Weeks Out

When you are three weeks out from the party, there are a couple of things for you to consider. Those aspects include your guest list, the date of your party, and the invitations.

Guest List

About three weeks out, start thinking about your guests and how many people you plan to invite to your dinner. For your first hosting event, stick to a smaller guest list because you don't want to bite off more than you can chew. About three to six guests should be comfortable for you to handle.

The Date

Deciding on the date sooner than later is always a good decision. Three weeks is enough time for your guests to make room in their schedules for your party. Moreover, it also allows for some wiggle room should you need to coordinate with anyone's schedule.


Creating cute invitations might be something you want to go the extra mile on as this is your very first time hosting. Rather than send a text message, you might consider a paper invitation or an email. Either option gives a formal feel to your dinner, which your guests will notice.

Two Weeks Out

With your guest list created, the date set, and invites out, things are becoming very real. But there's no need to worry because you have a plan. Now that you are two weeks out, there are more significant things to start considering. You should begin brainstorming your party's menu and the aesthetic.

Menu Planning

Your menu will inform your décor, so it helps to plan your menu first. Doing so also allows you enough time to head to your grocery store and ensure you have all the necessary ingredients. When you start thinking about your menu, it helps to go with a particular cuisine as the flavors of each dish will accommodate one another. Creating the menu can be the most stressful aspect of planning your dinner party, which is why we are here to help you.

At Verve Culture, we can assist you in creating a menu that is not only delicious but also authentic. Add some color to your party with artisan-made foods that bring a gourmet sensation to your meals. Your guest will adore going on a cultural journey with every dish you make. Once your guests taste your food, they will likely feel excited to see what's to come in the many dinner parties you host in the future.

Aesthetic and Atmosphere

With your menu fleshed out, you can begin thinking about the décor and atmosphere of the night. It helps to start with a color theme and go from there. Look through the decorative pieces you already have to ascertain if anything fits the theme of the night. If you don't have everything you want or things don't fit the theme, make a list of the pieces of décor you'd like to add. You can venture out with enough time to find what you need.

As you shape the aesthetic of your dinner party, you cannot forget the importance of ambiance. Ensure you have mood lighting and candles. Moreover, with the theme strong in your mind, you might consider creating an appropriate playlist for the night to have on in the background.

One Week Out

With only one week to spare before your very first dinner party, the time will feel like it is going quite fast. However, you have done more than enough planning for the big day so that you won't feel stressed or rushed. During this week, you should begin gathering your ingredients and start prepping.

Gather Ingredients

Now is the time to head to your store and gather any fresh ingredients you will need for the night. As you shop, don't forget to purchase the various drinks you will serve. Moreover, you might also consider buying a bouquet of fresh flowers as a centerpiece. Just make sure to purchase these the day before or the day of.

Start Prepping

The day is fast approaching, but all you must do is start the final preparations. It helps to prep as much as possible in the days leading up to your dinner party. Moreover, during these days, you might also consider decorating and table setting.

On the day of the event, all you want to worry about is cooking. With all the necessary planning done, you won't feel stressed out the day, which is incredibly important as you don't want anything keeping you from creating memories. Now all you must do is sit back, relax, and wait for your guests to arrive.

A Guide to Hosting Your First Dinner Party
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