3 Reasons To Get a Manual Juicer Over an Electric Juicer

3 Reasons To Get a Manual Juicer Over an Electric Juicer

If you have ever gone on a vacation to a tropical area, you likely enjoyed a cup of freshly squeezed juice every morning. It seemed like that refreshing drink was a feeling solely reserved for the tropics, but what if you could take that experience home? As such, you might be considering a juicer and deciding between manual or electric—here is why you should get the former.

Lasts Longer

You have likely noticed that electronic devices don’t last nearly as long as you expect them to, which is why we are not entirely surprised when they suddenly stop functioning. And yet, that cast iron skillet your mom has seems to have lasted a millennium thus far. That is because handmade items simply last longer than mass-manufactured devices. Each of our manual juicers is the result of artisan craftsmanship, making them durable and long lasting.


Our society runs on a need for efficiency, giving us the urgency mindset where you must get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. That mindset extends to our cuisine habits; all we want is to rush the process and have our drink in our hands immediately.

Efficiency scarcely leaves time for us to enjoy the journey, where most of the fun occurs. That is why you should get a manual juicer over an electric juicer. When you use a manual juicer, you slow down your process to make something with mindfulness and intention—everything tastes so much better that way.

Authentic Made

We live in a time where we are more connected to the world than ever before. In that comes a great opportunity to honor and appreciate the many rich cultures in existence. Juicing is a huge aspect of making drinks and meals in many cultures, especially in Mexico. That is why at Verve Culture, our manual juicers are not only sustainably handmade but also created by talented Mexican artisans. When you use our manual juicers, you use a product that pays homage to the beautiful culture of Mexico.

To learn more about how our juicers are made, visit our Meet the Artisans page.

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