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Savini Tartufi Truffle Risotto Mix - Riso Al Tartufo

Savini Tartufi Truffle Risotto Mix - Riso Al Tartufo

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Riso Al Tartufo — Truffle Risotto Mix.

Once you've had a taste of these hard-to-find mushrooms, you'll want to add their rich, earthy flavor to everything.

Learn how to make one of Italy's most beloved dishes, Risotto. This traditional Italian recipe may look challenging, this mix makes it easy to learn the Italian technique of risotto. From Sabatino Tartufi, this ready-to-make gourmet mix will bring a taste of Italy to your weeknight dinner.


In a pan, brown the onion, and a trickle of olive oil, add the rice and toast briefly for about 1 minute over moderate heat. While stirring, pour half glass of boiling water, chicken stock (or white wine) and let it evaporate. After gradually pouring the water, 700ml, let it evaporate completely. Add a knob of butter and then mix. Add in mushrooms as rice cooks and sauce becomes thicker. Add freshly grated hard Parmesan and more chicken stock for a thicker consistency.


  • A true Italian risotto should be creamy, yet not runny, cooked to a consistency Italians call all’onda, which translates as “with waves”. Although the cooking time may vary with the rice used, or the temperature it is cooked over, risotto is done when each individual grain remains slightly firm to the bite.
  • Although the number of recipes for risotto are endless, the basic cooking technique remains the same for each. Once you are comfortable with this technique, you can experiment with the myriad of possible flavorings.


From 1920 until today, Savini has worked with great care for their hillsides, bringing the exquisite taste of Tuscan truffle to everyone. A story of courage and patience allowed the brand Savini Tartufi to become an important qualitative landmark in the world of truffle.


250g - Carnaroli rice, dehydrated vegetable broth mix (salt, potato starch and maltodextrin, yeast extract, carrot and onion extract, sunflower oil, basil extract, parsley and rosemary extracts), dehydrated onion, salt, dried summer truffle, dehydrated garlic, natural flavoring.


The product can be stored at room temperature in a cool place, away from direct sunlight. Once open, it must be kept in the fridge between 0 and +4 ° C and consumed within a few days.

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