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Authentic Italian Bronze-Cut Pasta Set

Authentic Italian Bronze-Cut Pasta Set

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The difference between Pasta di Gragnano and any other dried pasta is like comparing ham with Prosciutto di Parma -- Once you've had a taste, you'll know why.

The flavors of the wheat shine through each noodle and the structure of the pasta has a real bit to it, making it the star dish of instead of a mere accompaniment. Created on the Amalfi Cost, the birthplace of dried pasta in Italy and is known for a sea breeze bringing humidity from the coast, creating the perfect conditions for producing and drying this distinctive pasta.

  • Made in Italy
  • Set includes three 500mg packages of pasta
  • No thickeners or colorants. Preservatives free.
  • Unique gift that helps to create a cherished memory.
  • An edible gift for everyone on your list.


  • Pettegole Di Gragnano Pappardelle
  • Paccheri Lisci Di Gragnano
  • Caserecce IGP 500mg

Pasta from our artisans made each blend in a small town located outside of Naples, where pasta that’s unlike anything you’ll taste from a store. Perhaps it the sea air, mountain breeze or traditional methods used, the pasta from this area is nuttier in flavor and carries more teture than normal pasta, which allows it to hold any sauce, better.

  • 500g 17.6 oz. 1.1 lb
  • INGREDIENTS: Durum Wheat semolina, water, contains wheat.
  • Cooking Time: 11 min.
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